Young Dolph plans to sell “Bulletproof” flak jackets


The Self Proclaimed “King Of Memphis” is releasing new merch for his latest album “Thinking Out Loud” due out Friday, October 20th

Young Dolph

His latest marketing move has come as an advanced for the artist by putting out Bulletproof vest ($85). The disclaimer displays “This item is solely the plate carrier vest, MOLLE plates sold separately.” For the slow individuals : The jackets aren’t bulletproof!


While shopping in Hollywood, California, The 32 year old rapper was confronted by three people and eventually a fight broke out and Dolph was shot multiple times. After being taken to a hospital where he was said to be in “critical yet stable condition,”. Two weeks later, the Memphis, Tennessee MC was released from the hospital and stated his new album ” Thinking Out Loud” was dropping Friday, October 20th.

dolph cover.jpg

  1. What’s the Deal
  2. Pacific Ocean
  3. Point Across
  4. Drippy
  5. Believe Me
  6. All of Mine featuring DRAM
  7. Go Get Sum Mo featuring Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz
  8. Thinking Out Loud
  9. Eddie Cane
  10. While U Here

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