R&B That You Can Feel: SZA with “CTRL”

rnbthatyoucanfeel.pngThis week’s #RnBThatYouCanFeel is dedicated towards SZA & her latest efforts with “CTRL” packed with 12 tracks that tells a impactful story about The Circle of Love and Life as a woman in this day in age.

Our Favorite Records:

  • Doves In The Wind
  • The Weekend
  • Broken Clocks
  • Wavy
  • 20 Something
Born Solána Imani Rowe (SZA) is motivating & owning our ways with Love in CRTL. The album starts with SUPERMODEL ” If You Believe..If You See IT In Me ..See It In ME” is a romatic story about a girl telling her man that “she could be your Supermodel, If you believe ..If you see it in me” which is kinda heartfelt when you think about it cause everybody likes what they like and everybody seeing “Love” & “Attraction” DIFFERENT.

Story II


as told by PrettyMuchAmazing.com

You’ve found yourself here before. At 3 AM, a text arrives. “U up?” it reads, not quite two words but it speaks volumes, a wealth of interpretations to be considered. Solána Rowe, aka SZA, contemplates such a message in a “Hotline Bling” reversal on “Love Galore”, the latest cut from her long-awaited debut LP, CTRL. While an early morning text might catch someone unawares, this messenger caught Rowe sounding mid-blunt, and she approaches its contents with curiosity and matter-of-fact musings.

Go Check Out PrettyMuchAmazing.com for more..


DOVES IN THE WIND” is a highlight record for SZA featuring her labelmate Kendrick Lamar. SIX WORDS…


Here Kendrick raps

“Niggas’ll lose they mind for it
Wine for it, dine for it—pussy
Spend time for it, see no colored line for it—pussy – K.Dot

Story IV

Drew Barrymore

“DREW BARRYMORE” is solely inspired by her favorite actress ‘Drew Barrymore. She uses DB influence on this record due to her earlier movie roles back in the ’90s that framed her as a woman that couldnt seem to find a man.

Story V

PROM” is a great Pop filled record with lyrics like

Fearin’ not growin’ up
Keepin’ me up at night
Am I doin’ enough?
Feel like I’m wastin’ time



A song about sharing a boyfriend with other women. The hook rings, “My man is my man is your man, heard it’s her man, too,” with a tone of both freedom and a muted sadness over settling. via Pitchfork’s review of SZA album CTRL



Damn Gina, damn Gina
Them jeans, they must be uptight mama
You need some get right mama
And go Gina, go Gina


Garden (Say It Like Dat)

If you don’t like me, you don’t have to fool with me
You don’t have to talk about me or treat me mean
I don’t have to treat you mean
I just stay out of your way
That’s the way you work that one


Broken Clocks

All I got is these broken clocks
I ain’t got no time
Just burning daylight
Still up still up
Its still love its still love
Still love still love still loving still love
Nothing but love for you
Nothing but love



Keepin’ up is hard to do
Even harder feeling heavy, steady chasin’ you
Baby baby, why are you lookin’ around, you lonely?
I feel you comin’ down like honey
Do do you even know I’m alive?
Do do you even know I, I


Wavy  (Interlude)

You know just takin’ it slow
Somebody show me the door
You know just takin’ it slow
Somebody show me the ropes, babe


Normal Girl

Normal girl
I wish I was a normal girl, oh my
How do I be? How do I be a lady?
Normal girl, oh
I wish I was a normal girl


Pretty Little Girls

You’re pretty little bird
Pretty little bird
You still ain’t scared of no heights
When the spiral down feels as good as the flight
When hating you feels good for the night
When the morning comes I hope you’re still mine


20 Something

How could it be?
20 something, all alone still
Not a thing in my name
Ain’t got nothin’, runnin’ from love
Only know fear
That’s me, Ms. 20 Something
Ain’t got nothin’, runnin’ from love
Wish you were here, oh

Overall SZA has set in stone her mark in the music industry with CTRL. We totally enjoyed the loooong ride into her mind and her choices in music that she shares with the world.

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