Eminem is making another “8 Mile” with “BODIED”

Yes, you read it right, The hip-hop mogul is reportedly behind an upcoming film based on Battle Rap.

According to reports, Slim Shady is producing an upcoming film called Bodied about real life rapper Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen’s rise in the Toronto rap scene.

It’s directed by Joseph Kahn, who has previously worked with artists like Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons. Kahn has a long relationship with Eminem , directing the videos for “Love The Way You Lie” and “We Made You.” Bodied stars Canadian rapper Calum Worthy as a grad student who chooses to study battle rap for his thesis; it quickly shifts from a school project to his obsession. It’s based on the true story of Kid Twist (Alex Larsen) who is now a rapper and author. The film will premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, as a part of their Midnight Madness Program. (Genius)


Supposely, The movie wont be hitting theater BUUUTT it most likely will make it to Netflix so Stay Tune!



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