Travon : Summer Vibes (2017)

“Summer Vibes”

Hosted by DJ Seanblaze

Released June 4, 2017

Mississippi’s own Marquise Walker also known as ‘Travon brings us an undeniably creative project with “Summer Vibes” just in time for the summertime. Laced with 11 tracks in total, The project opens up with the lead single

  1. “LOWKEY”: Which is a bass’d out track explaining how he wants to be #Lowkey & just vibe with a lady friend because they share common interest. After being #Lowkey, Travon elevates to
  2. BENJIMIN’S” where he lets it be known to the ladies that he’s willing to spend them “Benjimin’s on you (on you)” after spending a bag, He takes us on journey with
  3. Wilding” where its clear to see your gonna move your head once the song starts and the hook is gonna ride out like ohh ohh ohh we be wildin!!
  4. Night in Miami” is a great modern Drake vibe to it.
  5. WAVES” is our second favorite record on the project, where he gasses through the whole song with a vibe that allows us to feel that WAVE.
  6. Deal With It” opens with a great sample of #ForTheLoveOfMoney by #BoneThugsNHarmony with lines like

“All she wanna do is argue but we should save that for part two”


7. “KEEP UP” is a bold approach letting the haters know to guess what? #KEEPUP Memorable Lines

I Never roll my weed up,

Thats what my bitches for,

Cant be fucking with you new niggas.

Thats what my hitters for..

Never Ever play the hero

Cant be saving these hoes but somebody gotta do it call me MAGNETO

8.”ENERGY” featuring Jimmie is our third favorite record because it has laidback vibe where Travon flexes

Tell your Babygirl to come & ride the Wave..

I Cant See You cause The Money in the Way..

Girl i can feel your energy

Vibin with your energy..

9.”POSITIVE VIBES(OUTRO)” is a great closer to Summer Vibes where he shout outs the many loyal friend and associates that helped put the project together.

Bonus Songs: 

Hush by BJ featuring Travon

Pocket Watching featuring Mike, Travon & T. Icy is hands down is our favorite song.  The hook is going CRAAZZYYY T. Icy & Travon bodied that!  Mike had the highlight verse! 

Overall we really enjoyed this Summer Vibes project.

It seems like things will start to change for the young artist as his skill in writing, rapping, singing and production will likely catch the eye of bigger artists in the industry. Hopefully we find him collaborating with some huge artists soon.

Editor Rating: 5/5 *****

Be sure to stream the project right here. #SummerVibes via Spinrilla



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